Monday, September 15, 2014

Carry The Day - Katrina Marsh

Katrina Marsh is a local known by many in the Maranoa, and many would be aware of the the battle their son Ned faced not so long ago. As a result Katrina has founded a new campaign which she hopes to have go viral. 

This is a little of her story............

"Today is my day to share and put a little positive ‘something’ out there!
We are all guilty of putting negative words and thoughts into society daily and I am no exception. I think we are now to a point that some of us even do this subconsciously and don’t even realise we are doing it. 

But why? We all struggle with the same battles. We are all daughters, sisters, mothers and friends so if we are all so similar then why are we constantly being so judgemental of each other and the rest of the world?

Some times it takes one earth shattering moment, which I refer to as the ‘AHA’ moment, for us to realise that life is too short and that a positive message should be put out into the world rather than the negative ones we so often send or encounter.

For me, my ‘AHA’ moment was when my son was involved in a near death accident. Our family lived in a hospital for a couple of months and watched Ned recover from his injuries. We are very lucky as he is now fine but that’s the point. 

Why did it take that ‘AHA’ moment to make me realise that life is too short. To make me sit up and think that I should live every day to the fullest – like it was my last day on earth! I still often need to be reminded - whether it is photos of our time in hospital or simply a cheeky grin from Ned to remind me of just how lucky I am!

So today is the day that I will ‘Carry the day’! I will release the struggle I have conquered, relinquish the judgment & be positive. This post is my commitment to try and make my world a more positive place. I am sure I will struggle and don’t claim to be perfect but if I make the effort to think positively then I can only hope that overtime the negative thoughts will deplete to nothing. 

I will try to be more tolerant of my husband (which is going to be the hard one), more patient with my children and a better daughter, sister and friend. 

I challenge my Facebook friends, their friends and their friend’s friends to ‘Carry the Day’. Let’s use this form of social media to put out a positive message instead of the negative ones that this forum is so constantly plagued by. 

There are no rules or guidelines. Share your ‘AHA’ moment or don’t. Write a long post or simply comment. You may just have an image that would encourage yourself and others to put this positive message out into the world. Let’s ‘Carry the Day’!

We don’t need leaders or inspirational speakers to motivate us to do something good. 

Let’s inspire others and ‘Carry the Day’!

 The Maranoa is full of amazing, inspirational and motivational people, including the you, the person reading this post. 

Katrina's campaign is so simple yet meaningful. Let's get behind it now.

Join the Carry The Day Campaign via the link below. There is so much more to come, so make sure you are in the know.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome to Maranoa Community Conversations

“There is a crisis in rural Australia at the moment, and much of it relates to heavy debt burdens resulting from poor profit margins. How it reached this point can be attributed to many varying factors, but the end result that is going to occur over the next two years is not going to be good for many farmers and their families and their crippled operations, or for the lenders who have to make the final business ending decision for them.

We are wanting to prevent this from occurring again. We are wanting to wake up our rural communities from their hibernation and ask them to step outside their own farm gate. We are wanting them to identity the problems and issues that have brought many to this point and we are wanting them to come up with workable solutions that they can take to Industry Bodies and the applicable level of government to make a difference for the future of rural Australia. We are starting with our own rural community the Maranoa in South West Queensland.”

That was where the idea for Maranoa Community Conversations originated. Through a series of conversations initially with other rural members of our community, but which expanded and it was quickly apparent that many other in the Maranoa have a passion for their community, but their members were also experiencing similar feelings and issues.
The most important thing for Maranoa Community Conversations is to be inclusive, from farmers to town residents, from our indigenous to recent arrivals, from businesses to individuals, from Roma to the surrounding towns. We can all make a difference through productive conversations that are the generator for ideas big and small. We do not expect to see people agreeing all the time, but respectful debate with views and ideas from different spectrums will see great solutions created.

The Maranoa is currently surviving no longer off the back of agriculture, but from CSG which is in its “gold rush” phase. When the initial rush is over we imagine that Roma will retain some centrality as a CSG base for the Surat Basin, but will it be enough to sustain the area into the future? CSG is a non renewable resource. Agriculture however is a renewable resource and is managed properly also a sustainable industry well into the future. There are at present some hurdles for agricultural industries not only in the Maranoa, but across Australia. If we are able to address some issues relating to profitability, and our farmers have more money available to employ staff, spend in the area and more commodities to transport out, then the flow on effect through the community will be a positive one.

Aside from wanting to strengthen the economic base of our area, there is a real need to reconnect our community, strengthen our community ties and capitalise on the many assets in our area. Our people can be our greatest asset.

Already there is an exciting event in the planning for next March to coincide with and compliment the Picnic Races. We have a workshop conducted by Catherine Marriott planned for the Thursday and Thursday night there will be a Beer and Beef Appreciation night with locally branded beef available for tasting and hosted by beer guru Matt Kirkegaard. Following the tasting will be a charity auction for the Royal Flying Doctor Service with some wonderful items already donated.

On Friday 13th March 2015 a rural community forum is currently is the process of being organised and we will keep you not only informed, but ask for assistance, suggestions and advice to ensure it has something for all.

Saturday will see us able to continue discussions and conversations in the relaxed and informal setting of the Roma Picnic Races, capping off an eventful couple of days perfectly.

The information relating to the event is deliberately minimal at this stage,  and if there is somehow you believe you could contribute we welcome your input. One main point to note is that the event is apolitical and not “owned” by any one business or group trying to push their agenda, but will be sponsored by many who wish to see our community thrive.

Currently a wonderful group of people is helping the event to evolve and is steering it into a final format. Most importantly, we all feel that for the event to be successful many conversations will need to be had in the lead up to March. However the conversations will not end there.

There are plans afoot to ensure solutions are found and those who wish to make a serious difference to our community have the opportunity to do so. March is just the beginning of a strong push forward to ensure our community thrives from the farm gate outwards. Passion of individuals, inclusion of all, development of ideas big and small and follow through from ideas to adaption to effective solutions, will make our community successful and ensure a future for the Maranoa.

Let’s get talking. It WILL make a difference when we follow up with actions.